appearance group console sound package


 This package allows you to add quality sound to your car without making any new holes.

(Console does not include gauges.)

(Speaker panels does not include speakers)

price 275.00

appearance group package 

You save 20.00 when you buy the set!!!

This is our console and center cushon together at a discount when you buy both.

(gauges show are not included) but console does come with the over head hanger bar.

price 289.00

appearance group console 

This is a high quality reproduction of the factory appearance group console.

Console mounts to floor and comes with top mounting bracket as well.

Price is 199.00

appearance group center cushion 

This center cushion is standard with all cars that came with appearance group consoles.It is a great center cushion even if you don't have the console.

price 110.00

deposit box console 

Great replacement for the original.Shown in domestic black loop as well as charcoal perlon.

price 75.00

appearance group console with 6.5 inch sub

We have inclosed the rear of the console to add a 6.5 inch sub.

If your looking to rattle the ground this is not the sub for you . The speaker is rated at 140 watts. and comes in either single coil or dual coil.

(if not specified you will get a single)

Behing the gauge panel there is plenty of room for you gauges.

price  245.00

914 AP